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Podcast #25 WebSouffle’s Podcast Review of S2E13 “Ka ho ‘oponopono”

Hau‘oli Makahiki Hou!!! That’s ‘Happy New Year’ In Hawaiian from your long lost blogger @WEBsouffle from Vermont!

It’s been a few months but we are finally able to get back to podcasting for 2012 with our reviews of the latest and greatest “Hawaii Five-0” episodes of the season!

As she has done in the past, my Hawaiian “sister” Wendie Joy Burbridge has graced us with her lovely presence on the podcast again from Oahu and we skyped this week about Season 2, Episode 13,  “Ka Hoʻoponopono”  (defined by CBS as ‘The Fix’ in English)

Topics covered by us:

-We delve into the best meaning for the title of the episode

-Partner Musical Chairs and the interchanging of the Five-0 Team pairings

-Lori & Danno’s High School Adventure vs. Lori & Kono’s High School Adventure

-Did we miss out on cell-phone interceptors on our Christmas lists?

-Steve & Danny’s foray into light police brutality

-Local Schools trending as locations for the production this season

-Have we been waiting too long for a resolution to the “Shelburne arc?

-General internet reaction to this week and the season so far

-Our “Lost” connection for the week

-Reader comments from the WEBsouffle Blog

-What’s coming up on Wendie’s Five-0 Redux Blog next week

-What’s in store for the next new episode?

Make sure to listen and post your comments here about the podcast. Feedback is always welcome. Please also make sure to “LIKE” our Podcast blog’s Facebook page to keep up-to-date on show news and the next podcast!

Much Mahalo to All from Vermont!



A new podcast reviewing the latest Season 2 episode and  the first of 2012 will be coming soon. Please feel free to post your comments and reactions attached to this post and they can be included in our upcoming show!



Steve and Joe pre-dive from 2.04 Mea Makamae (courtesy of

Some of you know that here in Vermont, I am in a Teaching Apprenticeship Program getting my endorsement as an Education Tech Integration Specialist.

Because of this, my time has been fully taken up being in the field working with my students and mentors while compiling a Teaching Portfolio.

So, every now and then for the next 7 months I need to take a break from the podcasts. I still have a really exciting one almost finished which I did a few weeks ago with @WendieJoy reviewing “Kameʻe.” This is when Wendie and I also talked a bit about my role as a Production Assistant on the show last July and August in Hawaii.

That one will be edited soon so keep checking back for updates here and on my Facebook page. Right now,  I will have to cut back on the reviews weekly for a bit.  Please don’t worry; I will return as time permits and post whenever I can.

Please feel free to leave comments in the mean time about any new or old episodes, and I’ll be sure to read and comment on them. I really appreciate your time being fans of  my little podcast!

Much Mahalo and Aloha!

Dana In Vermont  @WEBSouffle

As per the request of some of our listeners, here is a place for leaving comments, likes & dislikes, theories and questions about the latest episode of Hawaii Five-0! Feel free to also comment on past episodes as well.

We will try to include as many of these in our Podcast as we can!

Much Mahalo,



"McDanno" meet Lori Weston in S2E2 "Ua Lawe Wale" (courtesy of CrystalCaps)

“Show#23 of Websouffle’s Hawaii Five-0 Podcast Review – “Ua Lawe-Wale” S2E2 with Jools of “The Five-0’s”

Here is the latest ‘Hawaii Five-0’ Podcast review of Season 2, Episode 2, airing September 26th and entitled, “Ua Lawe Wale” or ‘Taken’. Jools of The Five-0’s talked with me this week about our reaction to the much “calmer” follow-up to the premiere episode of the 2nd season of the show.

We discuss our impressions of the new girl on the team, Lori Weston, fashion changes we’ve noticed, the show traveling to Lanai, whether Kono is being left in the dust by the team, the McDanno “horseguement”and of course our “Theme” discussion of how the title of the episode ties into all the characters and the crime story of the week.

Please join me next week for our discussion of the 3rd episode, entitled, “Kame’e”. Thank you for listening and commenting.


Steve McGarrett In The Governor's Waiting Room
Steve McGarrett In the New Governor's Waiting Room  (courtesy of

I just recorded an ‘initial reaction’ podcast review of Episode 2.02 “Ua Lawe Wale” from Monday, September 26th with Jools of “The Five-0’s” which I hope to be finished editing very soon and posted here.

Please feel free to post any comments about that episode or past podcasts here below if you like, and I may read them on my next podcast!

Thanks for listening and Aloha!

Show#22 ‘Hawaii in Vermont’ Podcast review – Further discussion of “Ha ‘i’ ole” S2E1 with @WendieJoy 9/22/11

Blogger, Writer, Reporter @WendieJoy Burbridge (picture courtesy of The Honolulu Star Advertiser)

@WendieJoy Burbridge is an Oahu native, a great friend of our “Hawaii In Vermont” Podcast (a dear friend of mine, too!) and of course is the author of the The Five-0 Redux Blog on the “Honolulu Star Advertiser.”

Fortunately, this busy lady had some rare free time this week on her long commute home from her day job as a teacher and you can be darn sure I took advantage!  Thanks to technology, we were able to Skype between her car and my computer in Vermont and have an even more in depth conversation than my “initial reaction podcast”  (Show #21) about the new episode of the 2nd season.

I really wanted to get Wendie’s perspective on “Ha ‘i’ ole” because of her two unique points of view.

One point of view we talk about was what it was like for her to have already seen this episode over 2 weeks before it’s Network Premiere at ‘Sunset At The Beach’ in Waikiki on a big screen. I asked Wendie to compare seeing it there to seeing it at home on a tv or computer screen.

The other aspect I was curious about of course, was how being an islander affected her perspective and/or enjoyment of the episode. This was was quite interesting and we learn more about the title “Ha ‘i’ ole” and it’s meaning from Wendie who also wrote about it in her pre-episode post on her The Five-0 Redux blog. We also learn some interesting trivia about the opening cemetery scene and the beautiful singing by the Honolulu boys choir.

We talk about fugitive Steve McGarrett’s Halawa Jail breakout and his appearance. (Apparently it’s not that unusual because breakouts from prison have happened before!) In addition, we also have fun discussing the new character, Max and how all the banter and bromance between Steve and Dannyhappily seems intact. There is the usual probing of the themes and characters of the show which we always include as a part of our discussion. We also give our opinions of the plot and the crazy twist at the end.

Finally, we talk about some of the extras on the just released  DVD of the first season of the show and some of the deleted scenes we have seen and which we wished had been a part of the original episodes they belonged to.

Wendie’s only regret is having met Mark Dacascos (Wo Fat) on the Red Carpet  a few weeks ago, and having to hate his character on the show, even though he was such a nice guy in real life. Oh, well, she will just have to accept having love/hate relationship with him!

Tune in for our next “Hawaii In Vermont” H50 podcast review sometime after next week’s all new 2nd episode of the new season,  “Ua Lawe Wale (Taken.) The official press release for the episode from CBS says:


Gov. Denning assigns Officer Lori Weston to Five-0 to make sure McGarrett and team follow the new rules set by him and also apply her excellent profiling skills to the task force.  Meanwhile, as Five-0 investigates the kidnapping of a teenage paddleboard champion, Internal Affairs Capt. Vince Fryer continues his interrogation of Kono, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Monday, Sept. 26

Thanks for listening! Talk to you soon, ALOHA!

1st podcast review of Season 2 of Hawaii Five-0 “Initial Reaction” of Episode 2.01 “Ha’i’ole”

Alex O'Loughlin as Steve McGarrett may be a prisoner in Halawa Prison but he takes none too in S2E1 "Ha'i'ole (screencap courtesy of

So it finally happened!  The Season 2 Premiere came and boy was it good!

Well that’s what Jools of The Five 0’s and I think of it and what we talk about in my first “Initial Reaction” #H50 Podcast Review of Season 2, Episode #1 entitled “Ha’i’ole.

I usually wait to let the episodes percolate in my brain a bit and process things and then I look for quotes and locations and trivia but …..I just couldn’t wait!!!! How could I ?

I along with most of you out there, have been waiting 3 months and even longer than some who were lucky enough to see the episode over 10 days ago in Hawaii at Sunset On The Beach in Waikiki. I had plenty of chances for those spoilers and tidbits and behind-the-scene videos to take a peak… but I did avoid almost all of them! Just a few pictures here and there, but I really wanted to enjoy the first episode!

So as quick as Kamekona starting a new business, I sat down this afternoon (evening for her) with Jools and we just chatted and laughed about this fantastic episode and recounted our first reactions.  Jools had some great talking points. They are:

–      Hesse changing sides

–      How badass McG was

–      Max aka Kermit! That character is really funny

–      Danno’s ex baby.

–      The new Gov

–      How Chin Ho always had McG’s back

–      Lt. Cmdr. Joe White – loved how mellow he is

–      What Makoto told McG

–      If McG Senior is involved or was pretending to be mates with Wo Fat

–      How Wo Fat will resort to anything to protect himself. Very happy to see more of him finally!!!

–      And the freaking ending!!!!!

It’s not too, too long (only 45 minutes this time, Yay!)  and there’s no locations or trivia about stars, (well not too much) and just us gals rambling on about it. I hope you enjoy it and make sure to check out Jool’s newly launched website at  You might also like to take part in the Tweet up about the episodes which take place o Wednesday’s at 8pm EST which you can do at .

Don’t worry, I do plan on eventually posting locations and trivia for the episode soon, so keep an eye on this website and my Facebook page. I also hope to get a discussion later this week from my Hawaiian sis, @WendieJoy Burbridge of the Five-0 Redux blog to weigh in and discuss her favorite moments, so make sure to tune in again soon.

Aloha from Vermont!


First “Hawaii In Vermont” Hawaii Five-0 Podcast of Season 2

Wendie Burbridge interviews Masi Oka at SOTB2 in Waikiki on the Red Carpet

Wendie Burbridge and Masi Oka at SOTB2 in Waikiki on the Red Carpet (courtesy of Christie Wilson & the Star Advertiser)

As promised in our last post, the “Hawaii In Vermont” #H50 Podcast has indeed managed to snag a nice little interview with talented Hawaiian Blogger,writer, and teacher  and now reporter, WendieJoy Burbridge!

Wendie, as our listeners know, is a great friend of the show, and writes the “Five-0 Redux” Blog. Hers is one of the few blog reviews of the show with a distinctly Hawaiian point of view, since she lives and works on the island of Oahu!

Today, one day before the Network TV Premiere of the 2nd season of  Hawaii Five-0, Wendie gave us a bit of her Sunday. She told us that the excitement of last week’s 2nd season World Premiere Red Carpet event at Sunset On The Beach keeps on coming and she hasn’t even had time to process it all.

Even this weekend, when we caught up with her she was driving to meet some Five-0 fans who came a long way to celebrate the network premiere tomorrow night and who she was going to Sunday brunch with in Waikiki.

So even though we were unable to Skype with her, we were able to get some audio through an iPhone and I felt it was decent enough to share with our fans!

Our podcast mainly covers her experience being on the Red Carpet for the World Premiere and representing the “Honolulu Star Advertiser” as a reporter there.

Wendie discusses her schedule for that day, how she prepared for her reporting gig and who her favorite interviews were with. She also tells us how she managed to interview stars like Alex O’loughlin and not faint!

Wendie Burbridge Interviewing Alex O'Loughlin at Sunset On The Beach 2

Five-0 Redux Blogger Wendie Burbridge interviews star of Hawaii Five-0, Alex O'Loughlin at Sunset On The Beach S2 World Premiere in Waikiki (courtesy of the Star Advertiser & Christie Wilson)

In addition, we get a quick lowdown on what’s in store for the rest of us when we finally get to see the 1st episode of the new season, Monday, September 19th and how amazing it will be. Wendie’s husband, Chief, also gives us his perspective as a spectator on the beach that night!

So sit back and relax as we offer up this little appetizer as a precursor to tomorrow night’s premiere episode of ‘Hawaii Five-0’ entitled “Ha’i’ole.”

Make sure to stay tuned here and our page for details about when our initial reaction podcast will be posted soon after the 1st episode of season 2 premieres!


Video of Honolulu Star Advertiser Interviews by Reporters, Wendie Burbridge and Mike Gordon (Courtesy of Honolulu Star Advertiser)

Alex O'Loughlin Signs Autographs at SOTB2 in Waikiki, Sat 9/10/11 for the World Premiere of hit drama "Hawaii Five-0's" 2nd Season, picture courtesy of Katherine Huson Finch

Well, an amazing time was had by all last night in Hawaii at the ‘Sunset On The Beach’ Red Carpet Event in Waikiki, celebrating the world premiere of the 2nd season of our favorite primetime drama, the new hit series “Hawaii Five-0”!

I was lucky enough to get to do a little color and commentary with @AlohaBruce at his special UStream Live feed of 3 cameras on the event that his Travel company sponsored. Although it wasn’t the only coverage, it was one of the few with great angles, sound , music and especially glimpses of the stars walking the red carpet at Queens Beach in Waikiki.

Pictures from the coverage, fan interviews  and other fan events arranged by Bruce can be found here at his blog  as well as this SOTB 2011 Picture Gallery!  Here is a link to archived videos from the Live stream so you can experience the excitement for yourselves!

Wendie Burbridge Interviewing Alex O'Loughlin at Sunset On The Beach 2

Five-0 Redux Blogger Wendie Burbridge interviews star of Hawaii Five-0, Alex O'Loughlin at Sunset On The Beach S2 World Premiere in Waikiki 9/10/11

Check back here soon for a @Websouffle Podcast Wrap-up of the fantastic SOTB coverage, star interviews and other blogger  impressions. I will post details about that soon on our AlohaVermont Facebook page. I hope to get writer, blogger @WendieJoy on again for a great discussion of her experience on the Red Carpet as well as how she managed to interview Alex O’Loughlin and other stars of the show without fainting!

In the mean time, check out my friend Mizzoh’s excellent SOTB2 overview at her website, and extensive links to the going’s on Saturday night at Sunset On The Beach in Waikiki!

Also, please don’t forget to check out my lovely and talented Hawaiian sis, @WendieJoy Burbridge’s awesome and sublime article of her experience last night on the Red Carpet at her Five-0 Redux Blog here!

Mahalo, and  Check back soon!