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Alex O'Loughlin Signs Autographs at SOTB2 in Waikiki, Sat 9/10/11 for the World Premiere of hit drama "Hawaii Five-0's" 2nd Season, picture courtesy of Katherine Huson Finch

Well, an amazing time was had by all last night in Hawaii at the ‘Sunset On The Beach’ Red Carpet Event in Waikiki, celebrating the world premiere of the 2nd season of our favorite primetime drama, the new hit series “Hawaii Five-0”!

I was lucky enough to get to do a little color and commentary with @AlohaBruce at his special UStream Live feed of 3 cameras on the event that his Hawaii-Aloha.com Travel company sponsored. Although it wasn’t the only coverage, it was one of the few with great angles, sound , music and especially glimpses of the stars walking the red carpet at Queens Beach in Waikiki.

Pictures from the coverage, fan interviews  and other fan events arranged by Bruce can be found here at his blog  as well as this SOTB 2011 Picture Gallery!  Here is a link to archived videos from the Live stream so you can experience the excitement for yourselves!

Wendie Burbridge Interviewing Alex O'Loughlin at Sunset On The Beach 2

Five-0 Redux Blogger Wendie Burbridge interviews star of Hawaii Five-0, Alex O'Loughlin at Sunset On The Beach S2 World Premiere in Waikiki 9/10/11

Check back here soon for a @Websouffle Podcast Wrap-up of the fantastic SOTB coverage, star interviews and other blogger  impressions. I will post details about that soon on our AlohaVermont Facebook page. I hope to get writer, blogger @WendieJoy on again for a great discussion of her experience on the Red Carpet as well as how she managed to interview Alex O’Loughlin and other stars of the show without fainting!

In the mean time, check out my friend Mizzoh’s excellent SOTB2 overview at her website, AlexOLoughlinRocks.com and extensive links to the going’s on Saturday night at Sunset On The Beach in Waikiki!

Also, please don’t forget to check out my lovely and talented Hawaiian sis, @WendieJoy Burbridge’s awesome and sublime article of her experience last night on the Red Carpet at her Five-0 Redux Blog here!

Mahalo, and  Check back soon!



         The 6th episode in our Summer Hawaii Five-0 blogger series is with Mizzoh, who I had the pleasure of  Skyping with from Europe, this time from Holland. She is the talented webmistress & author of  the very extensive and informative blog, “Alex O’Loughlin Rocks!”, the web’s most comprehensive and up to date Alex O’Loughlin site. I myself consider it one of the most thorough blogs about Hawaii Five-0 even though the focus is on Alex. Mizzoh also just launched an all-video page for the website which you can directly link to at http://alexoloughlinvideos.com/.

      Mizzoh and I talked not only about what you can find on her site and it’s origin, but of course we talked about Alex O’Loughlin’s career and what led up to his role in Hawaii Five-o. We discussed his acting training,  different acting gigs and what he’s done with the character of Steve McGarrett. Mizzoh was extremely well-spoken and wonderful to interview.

        When the new season starts back, you must definitely not miss her weekly AOLR Wrap Ups, for everything that happened in Hawaii Five-O and Alex news, as well as her summarized listings of the best of the recaps. She has done the hard work for you in finding the best of those to read! You can also find Mizzoh at her email mizzoh@alexoloughlinrocks.com and on twitter at @AOLRocks as well!

     I hope you will enjoy listening to her here and discovering her fantastic website  AlexO’LoughlinRocks.com !!!

Mahalo as always for listening and Aloha until next time!

Correction: I incorrectly stated in the podcast introduction that this was Summer Interview Series episode # 5, but it is actually # 6. The Hawaii In Vermont Podcast Summer Interview Series #5 was the one I did with actor Will Yun Lee, who plays “Sang Min” on Hawaii Five-0.