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On Podcast Show#27  @WendieJoy (‘Five-0 Redux Blog’) and I discuss the 15th episode of the season, entitled “Mai Ka Wa Kahiko”  (Out of the Past.) Both of us seem to agree with fans posting all over the internet that this was not only an intense and gripping show, but one of the best episodes of the 2nd season, due in no small part to Scott Caan’s amazing performance.

The Official CBS Summary stated:

“A dirty cop from Danno’s past comes to the island to exact revenge on Danno and his family for ruining his life, forcing the Five-0 to find a way to help their teammate.”

Press play on the audio recorder above to hear us talk about:

-Scott Caan and the rest of the cast’s amazing acting

-Actor Peter Greene, who played Danny’s ex-partner, Rick Peterson

-A  “Lost” episode connection

-The Lori/Steve race and Koko Crater Trail

-Officer808’s recommended post about the episode :

               Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 215, “Mai Ka Wā Kahiko”

-Our take on the future of -The Danny/Rachel/Stan relationship

-Product Placements

-The Hawaiian Airlines Hawaii Five-0 Trivia Contest

-Local actors who appeared in the episode

-What’s coming up in next week’s episode and the possible meaning of the title “I Helu Pu” (The Reckoning)

Please enjoy the podcast and don’t forget to tune in to our podcast again next week. We welcome your feedback here on the blog at Alohavermont.com as well as on our Facebook page!

Much Mahalo and Aloha until next week!



That’s what Eli and I talked about in Show#9 of our “Hawaii In Vermont” Podcast.

Topics for this episode’s discussion of ‘ included:

• A prolonged and totally unnecessary discussion of whether “Uncle Steve” should have been allowed to go unchallenged in picking Grace up from school,

•The unforgiveable abandonment of possibly hurt and wounded Swat Team members outside of Wo Fat’s ‘Unsafe House’

•Eddie Vedder’s fantastic song “Longing To Belong” and a music video of it that you shouldn’t miss.

•Whether Jenna Kaye is growing on us…well, me. 

•Danny & Rachel’s future and what it might imply for the “Bromance” of the century,

•Eli’s ability to not be so “cold-hearted” 

•A discussion of what we might expect next week with proper Spoiler Alertage.

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Be There! Aloha!

Scott Caan

Scott Caan isn’t a Dad, but he plays one on TV and Starpulse.com in their tribute to Father’s Day listed him as one of the hottest because of his character’s amazing dedication to his daughter on the show. You can read the full article at their site here.  Here’s the excerpt about our hero!

Detective Danny Williams, Hawaii Five-0

Technically, the next hot dad is a television character on the CBS cop show, “Hawaii Five-0” brought to sarcastic life by actor Scott Caan, 34 (son to award-winning actor, James Caan).  Still, Detective Danny Williams deserves to win top honors in fatherhood.  After his divorce, Williams left his beloved state of New Jersey to move to Hawaii to spend weekends with his daughter, Grace.  While some celebrity fathers having children with their mistresses (Arnold Schwarzenegger), this daddy is sacrificing everything just to be a parent.  Fictional or not, that is the hottest thing of all. 

We do need to acknowledge that actor Alex O’Loughlin is a father of a teen and Daniel Dae Kim has kids of his own too so HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to them, all the cast and crew of our favorite series as well as every Dad out there today!

Hmmm….maybe a coupon for the series on DVD that will be available soon is a good present for that special Father in your life!!! 😉