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Got this Tweet from @PLenkov late Friday. After the big casting announcement about Richard T. Jones landing the role of the new Governor, I got to thinking that with everything Steve’s going through he was going to need his sister to maybe lend some support! Thought I would reach out to the wonderful actress who played her in the First season of H50, Taryn Manning, because she is active in the twitterverse and responsive to her fans!

Well, I got a response all right…from the fans’ other responsive twitter friend, Peter Lenkov! (See above)

So yeah, MaryAnn McGarrett will be returning!!! (Not that we know if it will be immediately, though) But Yay, anyway!

And Mahalo Peter! You rock!


TV guide is reporting as of today, July 1st, that the casting for the role of the new governor on “Hawaii Five-0” is completed.

The actor who won the role,Richard T. Jones, as it turns out is not local, but he does have experience in several TV series.

Although Executive Producer Peter Lenkov had mentioned that the production would be interested in casting an actor local to Hawaii, he also said the best fit was what would determine who got the part.  Jones, born in Japan,  has quite a pedigree of TV roles.

According to the TVGuide.com article by William Keck:

         “Since Jean Smart’s Gov. Pat Jameson was gunned down after being exposed as a traitor in bed with Wo-Fat in Hawaii Five-0’s stunning game-changing season finale, there’s been an opening to fill in the Honolulu governor’s mansion. Not anymore. Stepping in to the office will be Jameson’s as-yet-unseen Lt. Governor, to be played by actor Richard T.Jones.

          Richard has several series-regular roles under his belt. Most recently he played Ellison on “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.” Prior to that, he appeared on “Girlfriends” and “Judging Amy.” 

For more on this story you can read the TV-Guide article at this link, Meredith Jacob’s Gather.com article or the BuddyTV.com article here.

Richard Jones’ IMDB profile can be found at this link as well.

Zap2it recently caught up with Scott Caan this week and asked him to comment on the new additions to the Five-0 cast. As we reported here, those included Terry O’ Quinn from “Lost” and Tom Sizemore from “Saving Private Ryan.” Turns out he had some very positive things to say. You can
read his opinions in the full article, here:

‘Hawaii Five-0’: Scott Caan on Tom Sizemore, Terry O’Quinn joining cast – From Inside the Box – Zap2it.


Tom Sizemore joins ‘Hawaii Five-0’ for season 2 arc — EXCLUSIVE | Inside TV | EW.com.

Tom Sizemore from “Saving Private Ryan” will have a role in the new season of “Hawaii Five-0” as the head of Internal Affairs for HPD. Apparently the Five-0 team
has some “‘splaining to do!!” about last year’s exploits!


In this repost of Podcast#8, Eli rejoined me to review the 22nd Episode of the season, ‘Ho’ohuli Na’au‘ (Change of Heart) and laugh at my lame “Jesse’s Girl” jokes,

  • @WendieJoy rejoined me at the end of the review to talk about Tweet-Up-Meet-ups and the unusually wet weather in Hawaii!

  • We discussed the all-but confirmed renewal of our favorite show for a 2nd season.

We also told listeners about @AlohaBruce who is providing information about next fall’s “Sunset On The Beach” event party with the stars of the show, in September at his website for Hawaii Travel:

Hawaii-Aloha.com and the Hawaii Five-0 Sunset on the Beach 2011 Facebook page.

Thanks go to Ryan Ozawa from Nonstophonolulu.com who again provided Actor info and alexoloughlinrocks.com for Locations information.

Thanks again for listening and stay tuned for new podcast recordings from our Summer Blogger series coming soon!




Continuing our summer reposts of past ‘Hawaii In Vermont’ podcasts; the next on the list is Ep#7 and our review of Show# 21 entitled,  “Ho’opa’i’ .

We were lucky to be joined by guest-host, Hawaiian Blogger, @WendieJoy of the Five-0 Redux blog at Honolulupulse.com.  The episode was notable for guest star, Sean Combs.

In reviewing this episode we talked about

•The meaning of  the episode’s title “Ho’opa’i’ as interpreted by CBS and within the spirit of the Hawaiian Language (The CBS summary had the title meaning “Close To Heart” but it usually defined in Hawaiian dictionaries as “To Slap”.)

•The culture and origin of Spam-love in Hawaii; is it “icky” or truly the ‘nectar of the islands’?

•The possibility of inviting Sean Combs to be a member of the Five-0 Task force; weren’t they really just being polite?

Thanks again to Ryan Ozawa’s Nonstophonolulu.com preview of the episode and 3DHawaii.com’s Scene Spotting for location information.

Thanks also to Officer808’s  50undercover.com blog for the audio recording of his call-in segment with Mike Buck and information gleaned from that for this episode!

Thanks for listening!

Stay tuned for new episodes to be posted soon in our Summer Blogger Series as well as more reposts from past episodes of Hawaii In Vermont, all now available for download at iTunes.


In this reposted  “Hawaii In Vermont” Episode #5 we reviewed the Hawaii Five-0′  broadcast of Ne Me’e Laua Na Paio, (“Heroes and Villains” in Hawaiian.) It was originally shown on Mar 21st, 2011.

We talk about the newest addition to the Five-0 Team, Agent Jenna Kaye, who we are both a bit skeptical about, though I was willing to give actress, Larisa Oleynik another try in future episodes. Eli felt her resemblance to MSNBC pundit and Rhodes Scholar, Rachel Maddow, is a little too uncanny for his taste.

He is also little more critical than usual of the superhero crime plot and comments that perhaps the writers might have been trolling the jumptheshark.com website for cliched storylines. We both enjoyed Johnny D, played by James Ransone from “The Wire” and ponder Kono’s impressive texting skills when she partnered with Danny at ‘Femme Nu.’

We also had to agree to disagree about the Wo Fat scene which I thought was well played and tense, but Eli outlined why he wasn’t so impressed.

Hope you enjoy it and please remember that any contributors, or comments about our podcast here or on iTunes are appreciated greatly!  You will also be updated with the latest posts if you click above on our Like” button to become a fan on our Facebook page at http://facebook.com/alohavermont!  Thank you kindly and Aloha!

Filming Locations:

  • Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel (pool scene with falling Captain Fallout)

  • Hawaii Convention Center (Spectacucon)

  • Kailua Beach (chase scene)

  • Nu’unanu Stream, Chinatown (McGarrett meets investigator)

  • Club Femme Nu

  • Nihao Chinese Restaurant (noodle house where Wo Fat shows up)

(from http://alexoloughlinrocks.com blog)


"Powa Maka Moana" & "Loa Aloha" from Daemonstv.com

In this next installment of “Hawaii In Vermont” the ‘Hawaii Five-0″ TV Review Podcast, we discuss the ‘Pirate’ episode of CBS’s reboot of Hawaii Five-0 broadcast in early February entitled, ‘Powa Maka Moana” along with the more dramatic  & disturbing  “Loa Aloha” (Long Goodbye) which guest starred comedian, Dane Cooke.

We feature discussions of the above with co-host, Eli, and also a bit about his ventures into another language other than Hawaiian, “Piratese” or “Piratatian”, or whatever…arrgh and how he uses it on Facebook.

This was the  first new podcast since my winter break trip to Oahu so we talk about that as well as include an excerpt of some of the juicy audio I recorded with many prominent bloggers who live on the island of Oahu. In this show I have included some of an interview with the enigmatic and always informative Officer808 of 50Undercover.com .

I will post the rest of that interview as well as those I had with tech guru, Ryan Ozawa (@Hawaii)  of the Hawaii blog, Wendie Burbridge (@WendieJoy) of the Five-0 Redux blog at the Honolulu Star Advertiser’s Pulse website and @AlohaBruce, Travel Maven of Hawaii-Aloha.com . I will also post an interview he did with me on his own Vidcast, Hawaii Vacation Connection so look for those on this site or on iTunes!

Remember, as always that feedback is very much appreciated in the comments section of iTunes or at this podcast’s home blog, Alohavermont.com or feel free to send an email to info@alohavermont.com to have your comments read in the next podcast.

 Mahalo from Vermont and Aloha!


This article from Mother Nature Network, discusses the new series starring Michelle Borth, filmed in Canada and premiering June 21. Borth is best known for HBO’s “Tell Me You Love Me” and as fans know for her recurring role on “Hawaii Five-0,” as Steve McGarrett’s sometime romantic interest. In this new series she plays a military doctor in the series, which focuses on the personnel of a medical unit in southern Afghanistan in 2006. “It’s about the struggle that they go through professionally and personally in wartime.” says Borth. The actress will be on set until August filming the series.

You can read the full article at: