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     Welcome to the 1st episode of our Summer Interview series! In today’s show, I interviewed Gaby, aka @H50Germany. She lives in Vienna, Austria and is one of the founders of a large fan community serving Germany and other international fans of many cult American TV series, just recently including the new Hawaii Five-0 tv series.

     Gaby, also known as @angelinchains67, is a amateur photographer and creates a lot of fan art, wallpapers and music videos. One of these pictures for the H50 finale caught the eye of Hawaii Five-0 producer, Peter Lenkov who commented on it to her on Twitter. This eventually led to a great exclusive interview with Peter which you can read here!

Our discussion covers a lot of ground and I think fans will find it fascinating! Topics Include:

  • How she started the fansites and her love of the show Supernatural.

  • How she creates her fanvideos.

  • Alex o’Loughlin’s role in the series “Three Rivers”, how good that series was and why it probably didn’t last.

  • Her interview with Peter Lenkov and how she formulated questions he would respond to.

  • What International fan members think of the ‘bromance’, ‘carguements’ and of Agent Jenna Kaye.

    AngelInChains fan community is made up of many sites and caters to more than just one fandom having primarily started as a fan site for the cool American TV Series, Supernatural.

    The primary web address to get to all of the information about our series as well as many other american tv cult series such as Vampire Diaries, True Blood, etc. can be found at her portal, angelinchains.com

Her sites originally were founded to promote Supernatural, but you can also find news, info and links in German and English for other series as well.  They are trying to build an audience to support our show over there so lend them your support by visiting the sites!

     One of  best of Gaby’s sites for our show is SerienNews where you will find the latest dedicated Hawaii Five-0 News and a link on the sidebar to their gallery of pictures.

Here is some background on the sites from Gaby:

“My BF is the webmaster of these sites and administrator. He is responsible for the technical part, make things working. I’m part of the team consisting of 3 mods and two news mod, I’m one of them. Therefore providing the site with the latest infos on TV-shows but also on other things – like what happens around the world. But ususally we get input from all our members. They’re also providing us with pictures. 

www.angelinchains.com was the “Mother” of the sites.  We host more than 10.000 pictures so far on this site. Including pictures of Conventions, HQ Screencaps of Supernatural Episodes and my FanArts. angelinchains.com was launched in 2008 and has more than 200.000 hits so far (5/2011).  Last year in July we decided to get online with a fanforum www.mycoven.com …we started with a multifandom community. We’ve about 300 members so far, still growing. … I represent the community on Twitter and Facebook. I’ve learned a lot as being part of the Supernatural fandom – very active in supporting the show, spreading the word etc. And that’s what we want to do for H50 as well.”

It was great having Gaby on and I look forward to having more great discussions with her and doing some reviews as well on future episodes of “Hawaii In the Vermont”

Mahalo for listening and Aloha from Vermont!


Peter Lenkov agreed to answer 12 questions about the new Hawaii Five-0 series for some international fans which do NOT appear to have any spoilers so feel free to enjoy this fresh take on how he feels about the past season! The Interview is by Gaby Eichberger & Christine Schmidt for MyCoven.com and is available in German as well! Here are a few of the questions and answers. Make sure to click on the link below for the rest of the interview!

To start us off, here’s a warm-up question for you: What was your motivation, your interest in creating a new, modern version of an old show?

PL: Motivation? My father was a huge fan of the original show and I remember him watching it religiously when I was a child…. so the show meant something to me. I understood it. I also felt that there was still areas to explore, character for instance, that I could expand on, and in some ways add value to the franchise.
A large part of H50’s appeal is the onscreen chemistry between the actors. Is that something that right in the beginning influenced your casting decision or was it a fortunate “organic” development?

PL: I think we all knew from the beginning that if we didn’t cast this show right, we’d die pretty quickly. The relationships were all there on the page, but they needed great actors to really bring them to life… and we hit a home run with all of our casting choices.
Did you start out with a clear-cut idea of where the story was headed? Do you have something like a master plan for your entire story arc?

PL:I knew from the start what season 1 would look like, what the arcs were and how it would end. Of course those were was all just “ideas”, I needed writers besides myself to make it happen… and luckily ended up with a great writing staff that helped me bring those ideas to fruition. I also had some general thoughts in mind for season 2, but a lot of what is coming up is being built now in the writers room.
How did the individual looks/styles of the main characters develop? Is that something the actors came up with, or were there drawings and ideas beforehand?

PL:Creating a TV show is really a team effort and there is a great crew behind what you see every week. From wardrobe to sets, everything is very carefully decided upon. And of course we take our actors opinions into consideration since they know their character best.
H50 has been incredibly successful right from the start. What are the contributing factors for that success in your opinion?

PL: Casting and Location…. and good stories.

Please go to http://www.peterlenkov.mycoven.com/ for the complete interview!