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Okay listeners of ‘Hawaii In Vermont’, get your favorite snack and libation of choice and settle in for a lively show that’s a bit longer than our already marathon length.

Today’s show features an H50 blogger with some seriously awesome writing skills. She’s author of the immensely engrossing Hawaii 5- 0 Sardonic Recaps where I have found some of the most pithy, snarky, sexy and hilarious reviews of our favorite  show that exist on the internet today. If you were/are a fan of “Television Without Pity” a smart-alecky network-tv recap website, you will recognize the style.

But as ‘Sardonic’ tells us, she kids because she loves!

@H50Sardonic, or “Sardonic” as she refers to herself, hails from Canada and is no stranger to writing. This is not her first blog, but it is her funniest and it is a labor of love that is unique, creative, and I believe highly entertaining for fans.

The Sardonic site as you will soon find after a visit,  has a racy, fresh and sassy “tone” woven throughout her website which you will find nowhere else. As an example, she calls Steve “McPanty Destroyer” and her web heading insists the recaps exist “Because McG + The 5-0s make my panties giggle.”   Whooo-ahhh! (teee heee)

I found her extensive (and boy do I mean, “extensive!”) recaps of each episode are filled with delightful irreverence. This is a super-fan’s nirvana because the recaps are long and engrossing, but they are also quite ridiculously funny!

The site is also helped out by a very helpful yet saucy list of “terms” that readers will need to consult before delving into the recaps. I made “Sardonic” share a little of her special “Sardonictionary” with my listeners which I hope you find as hilarious as I did.

This particular podcast show is a little longer than usual so we can give you some samples of what you will find in her recaps and on her site. It’s also longer because I asked Sardonic to discuss Season One Themes for the series, and we do it in a very lively manner!

As a caveat, remember, you may not always agree with some of the opinions we express, and comedy is a very personal thing!  So, if her humor is not to your taste that is quite alright!  I love when bloggers show us a unique and different way to appreciate our fandom and hope you agree!  

I also think it is important that we get to talk honestly about the different ways we feel about what we see in our show. I believe you will find our interview provocative and entertaining. I certainly did! I couldn’t stop laughing while editing and so didn’t finish until hours after I normally do.

Thanks for coming along for the ride with @H50Sardonic and me, Dana In Vermont aka @Websouffle !

See you next podcast. Aloha!