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According to an exclusive report by Matt Mitovich of TVline.com, The Hawaii Five-0 team will be welcoming a new member — and a possible new love interest for Steve McGarret with the addition of actress, Lauren German to the cast. The actress has been in a lot of TV’s and movies, most well known of which is Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003.) You can take a look at her experience at her IMDB profile.

Apparently she will be an appointee by the new Governor of Hawaii played by another addition to the cast, Richard T. Jones. She is a former Homeland Security officer and  asked to join the Five-0 task force to keep tabs on the Five-0 Team.

This makes it 5 as the number of cast members added so far to the upcoming season, though there’s no telling how long they will be sticking around! German will joining  Jones (of Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles,) Masi Oka (formerly of Heroes) who will now be a series regular as Max the coronor, Terry O’Quinn (formerly of “Lost”) as Steve’s Navy SEAL trainer  and film star, Tom Sizemore, who will be heading up an Internal Affairs investigation into the Five-0 Team’s activities.

Update: Here is a cool scene from the 2nd Season of just canceled series “Human Target” in which Lauren German is a Spy and tangles with the main character in a very funny way. I think the actress shines in it and shows off her skills!



TV guide is reporting as of today, July 1st, that the casting for the role of the new governor on “Hawaii Five-0” is completed.

The actor who won the role,Richard T. Jones, as it turns out is not local, but he does have experience in several TV series.

Although Executive Producer Peter Lenkov had mentioned that the production would be interested in casting an actor local to Hawaii, he also said the best fit was what would determine who got the part.  Jones, born in Japan,  has quite a pedigree of TV roles.

According to the TVGuide.com article by William Keck:

         “Since Jean Smart’s Gov. Pat Jameson was gunned down after being exposed as a traitor in bed with Wo-Fat in Hawaii Five-0’s stunning game-changing season finale, there’s been an opening to fill in the Honolulu governor’s mansion. Not anymore. Stepping in to the office will be Jameson’s as-yet-unseen Lt. Governor, to be played by actor Richard T.Jones.

          Richard has several series-regular roles under his belt. Most recently he played Ellison on “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.” Prior to that, he appeared on “Girlfriends” and “Judging Amy.” 

For more on this story you can read the TV-Guide article at this link, Meredith Jacob’s Gather.com article or the BuddyTV.com article here.

Richard Jones’ IMDB profile can be found at this link as well.