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ALOHA and Welcome back to WebSouffle’s Hawaii Five-0 podcast, where we focus on discussing the CBS reboot of ‘Hawaii Five-0, set in beautiful Hawaii.

This week my Hawaiian sister, @WendieJoy and I talk about the latest new episode of Hawaii Five-0, the 18th of Season 2. Entitled, “Lekio” or “Radio” as it’s translated by CBS,  it features special guest stars, Dennis Miller and James Caan, father of Scott Caan who plays Det. Danny Williams.

This week’s topics include:

-Wendie’s always fascinating breakdown of the title of the episode and how it’s more of an adaptation of an English word than a Hawaiian derivation,

-Dennis Miller, the actor – comedian and radio star, the acerbic ranting wit who as Officer808 puts it in his Five-0 Undercover Blog,  gets the ‘Rick Springfield treatment’ in an early and explosive send-off.” Make sure to catch the his funny article, “What We Learned about Hawaii from Hawaii Five-0, Episode 218, “Lekiō” at his blog.

-Cops and why we don’t envy them as parents (ie: Danny and Grace’s heart-to-heart about boys being evil) We also discuss the concept of “artistic license” and how they really don’t make enough to live at the Hilton Hawaiian Resort in Oahu!

-Danno’s shirtlessness (sorry, we HAD to go there!)

-Max’s freak-out after the kidnapping of the dead radio star’s body

-Caan “Squared” The fabulous James Caan appears on the show alongside McGarrett and Danny (his son, Scott Caan) with a performance that is a real Tour De Force. The banter, the laughs, and the nicknames are priceless! Not to mention the addition to the Carguement scenes! (For more about James Caan’s time on the set, see an excellent article written by one of Wendie’s colleagues at the Honolulu Star Advertiser,  reporter Mike Gordon (aka @CrankyDad).

-Wendie elaborates on her Five-0 Redux Blog Post entitled, “Father Figure” and how this was the theme that permeated the episode. Perhaps the Hawaiian word for Father Figure should have been the real title of the episode!

-The lovely end scene filled with Tony Archer offering marriage counseling to McDanno, #cutedannotoes and NY style Pizza that you gotta fold to eat right.

and finally….

WEBSouffle and Wendie do talk about what we term ‘The Elephant In The Room’

-the latest news about Alex 0’Loughlin needing to take a little time off to get his health in order and how much love and support we and his fans all over the internet are sending his way.

For more on that I direct people to my friend Mizzoh’s great website AlexOLoughlinRocks.com to find a good article describing the situation.

“Hawaii Five-0” goes on a short hiatus for the next two weeks, with repeats of two of the more popular episodes from season two. “Mea Makamae” airs March 5, followed by “Ma‘ema‘e” on March 12. You can read Wendie’s reviews of these episodes at her blog, ‘The Five 0 Redux‘ at the Honolulu Star Advertiser’s Pulse Website, linked above.

And the next new episode 2.19, named Ka lele  (“Faith” or “Support”)
will feature Ed Asner reprising a role he played from the original Hawaii Five-0 where Jack Lord’s McGarret (in this case, Steve’s father, Jack) put him in jail and now he is to be released. It will also star Taryn Manning as Steve’s sister, MaryAnn.

Finally, 5-0 fans and listeners, don’t forget to catch WendieJoy’s  Five-0 Redux blog on the Honolulu Star Advertiser’s Pulse website. Its a great way to get your Hawaii Five-0 reviewed with a side order of Hawaiian culture!

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Much Mahalo for listening and Aloha to all!


Zap2it recently caught up with Scott Caan this week and asked him to comment on the new additions to the Five-0 cast. As we reported here, those included Terry O’ Quinn from “Lost” and Tom Sizemore from “Saving Private Ryan.” Turns out he had some very positive things to say. You can
read his opinions in the full article, here:

‘Hawaii Five-0’: Scott Caan on Tom Sizemore, Terry O’Quinn joining cast – From Inside the Box – Zap2it.


That’s what Eli and I talked about in Show#9 of our “Hawaii In Vermont” Podcast.

Topics for this episode’s discussion of ‘ included:

• A prolonged and totally unnecessary discussion of whether “Uncle Steve” should have been allowed to go unchallenged in picking Grace up from school,

•The unforgiveable abandonment of possibly hurt and wounded Swat Team members outside of Wo Fat’s ‘Unsafe House’

•Eddie Vedder’s fantastic song “Longing To Belong” and a music video of it that you shouldn’t miss.

•Whether Jenna Kaye is growing on us…well, me. 

•Danny & Rachel’s future and what it might imply for the “Bromance” of the century,

•Eli’s ability to not be so “cold-hearted” 

•A discussion of what we might expect next week with proper Spoiler Alertage.

As always, please leave feedback below, at my Facebook Page http://facebook.com/alohavermont,  via email at info@alohavermont.com or tweet @Websouffle.

Be There! Aloha!

photography by Art Streiber

I know, it’s not new, but I loved the posters made from this shoot and thought some of you might not have seen the video of our cast clowning around in all that water. It’s cute, hot and funny and you can read more about the shoot here! So enjoy! Scott even cracks a smile! Aloha!

        According to the “Hollywood Reporter” on Friday, Scott Caan’s famous father, James Caan has just signed up to be represented by the Paradigm agency after having been previously  with ICM.

        Scott is also represented by the same agency. His father, James is best known for his Academy Award nominated role in The Godfather, and has had a 50 year career which has included films such as Funny Lady (1975), Misery (1990) and Elf (2003).

Caan is set to begin shooting a comedy, Columbia’s  ‘I Hate You, Dad’ later this month with Adam Sandler and SNL’s Andy Samberg.

 We wish him luck!!!

 *For more  details see the full story  here: James Caan Signs with Paradigm (Exclusive) – Hollywood Reporter.

Scott Caan

Scott Caan isn’t a Dad, but he plays one on TV and Starpulse.com in their tribute to Father’s Day listed him as one of the hottest because of his character’s amazing dedication to his daughter on the show. You can read the full article at their site here.  Here’s the excerpt about our hero!

Detective Danny Williams, Hawaii Five-0

Technically, the next hot dad is a television character on the CBS cop show, “Hawaii Five-0” brought to sarcastic life by actor Scott Caan, 34 (son to award-winning actor, James Caan).  Still, Detective Danny Williams deserves to win top honors in fatherhood.  After his divorce, Williams left his beloved state of New Jersey to move to Hawaii to spend weekends with his daughter, Grace.  While some celebrity fathers having children with their mistresses (Arnold Schwarzenegger), this daddy is sacrificing everything just to be a parent.  Fictional or not, that is the hottest thing of all. 

We do need to acknowledge that actor Alex O’Loughlin is a father of a teen and Daniel Dae Kim has kids of his own too so HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to them, all the cast and crew of our favorite series as well as every Dad out there today!

Hmmm….maybe a coupon for the series on DVD that will be available soon is a good present for that special Father in your life!!! 😉