Continuing our summer reposts of past ‘Hawaii In Vermont’ podcasts; the next on the list is Ep#7 and our review of Show# 21 entitled,  “Ho’opa’i’ .

We were lucky to be joined by guest-host, Hawaiian Blogger, @WendieJoy of the Five-0 Redux blog at  The episode was notable for guest star, Sean Combs.

In reviewing this episode we talked about

•The meaning of  the episode’s title “Ho’opa’i’ as interpreted by CBS and within the spirit of the Hawaiian Language (The CBS summary had the title meaning “Close To Heart” but it usually defined in Hawaiian dictionaries as “To Slap”.)

•The culture and origin of Spam-love in Hawaii; is it “icky” or truly the ‘nectar of the islands’?

•The possibility of inviting Sean Combs to be a member of the Five-0 Task force; weren’t they really just being polite?

Thanks again to Ryan Ozawa’s preview of the episode and’s Scene Spotting for location information.

Thanks also to Officer808’s blog for the audio recording of his call-in segment with Mike Buck and information gleaned from that for this episode!

Thanks for listening!

Stay tuned for new episodes to be posted soon in our Summer Blogger Series as well as more reposts from past episodes of Hawaii In Vermont, all now available for download at iTunes.