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Magic Table image from "Ke Kinohi" courtesty of Swannees Screencaps

Some fans, myself included, have watched a certain oft-used prop in ‘Hawaii Five-0‘s’ first season with particular fascination. That prop is what is fondly referred to by many reviewers as the ‘Magic’ table or surface work table that the Five-o Task team, and especially Chin Ho Kelly have utilized to help with their cases.

At the Honolulu Star Advertiser’s Interactive website you can find pictures and background information on the Surface Table from when reporter Mike Gordon (aka @CrankyDad) toured the studio last winter. 

Here is what we learn from the site and video so we can indulge our inner geekdom:

  • The table is a 52 inch flat screen TV on his back in the middle of a black table

  • Video Engineer, Dan Helias, creates and controls the displays that appear on the table. He programs the images for the surface table and all its overhead monitors on a series of smaller computers at  his workstation elsewhere.

  • Helias explains that the ‘touch table’ is based on the Microsoft Surface 2.0 which was too small for their needs because it had  to be big enough to line up the 4 main actors around it for the show to play on.

  • The fake TV is fed from a Mac Mini from 100 ft away.

  • They send an HDMI signal over ethernet cables using a converter which sends the image to the Surface Table.

  • The images on the tabletop in front of a user are able to be sent to screens at the right with a sweep of a hand. This all-in-one-movement in reality is Dan operating two different computers at once.

  • Three 42 inch monitors hang from a custom built rack near the Five-0 team’s surface table fed by a separate table.

  • The team’s office spaces are located to the left of the high tech computers and surface table area in HQ

You can read more about the Hawaii Five-0 set in Mike’s article from last February in the Honolulu Star Advertiser entitled Inside the Headquarters of Hawaii’s Coolest Crimefighters

UPDATE: On June 19th Mike wrote this about the set at the Old Post Office which he toured and was used last season:

  “Nothing is permanent in the world of television stage sets, even when they’re functional. Case in point: the headquarters set of “Hawaii Five-0,” which was built in an unused storage area of the downtown post office. It’s gone.

What was once a suite of functional offices created as a backdrop for the show’s characters — complete with dark wood trim, wanted posters and character-inspired desk decorations — is once again an empty space.

“There’s not a sign that they were ever there,” said Duke Gonzales, spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service in Hawaii.”

There are no discussions to rebuild the set, he said. CBS would only say that the HQ set, as it’s known, “is under transition.”

**We should not be alarmed however, because back in February, Hawaii News Now ran this story at their website and on tv, which showed us the production crew was already thinking ahead and moving the set into the old Honolulu Advertiser Building!

New set built for "Hawaii Five-0" in former Honolulu Advertiser Building


This repost was my first time Skyping with Guest- Host, Hawaiian Blogger @WendieJoy    This  podcast covered a wide range of topics: from how Wendie goes about coming up with her thoughtful articles, to Hawaiian culture, language, locations, restaurants as well as a lively discussion of this lovely episode, “Ma Ke Kahakai.” (On the shore, or On the beach in Hawaiian)

Don’t forget that Wendie can be reached at her Five-0 Redux blog, at her Five-0 Redux Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/Five0Redux, and her Twitter handle @WendieJoy.


In this repost of Podcast#8, Eli rejoined me to review the 22nd Episode of the season, ‘Ho’ohuli Na’au‘ (Change of Heart) and laugh at my lame “Jesse’s Girl” jokes,

  • @WendieJoy rejoined me at the end of the review to talk about Tweet-Up-Meet-ups and the unusually wet weather in Hawaii!

  • We discussed the all-but confirmed renewal of our favorite show for a 2nd season.

We also told listeners about @AlohaBruce who is providing information about next fall’s “Sunset On The Beach” event party with the stars of the show, in September at his website for Hawaii Travel:

Hawaii-Aloha.com and the Hawaii Five-0 Sunset on the Beach 2011 Facebook page.

Thanks go to Ryan Ozawa from Nonstophonolulu.com who again provided Actor info and alexoloughlinrocks.com for Locations information.

Thanks again for listening and stay tuned for new podcast recordings from our Summer Blogger series coming soon!


photography by Art Streiber

I know, it’s not new, but I loved the posters made from this shoot and thought some of you might not have seen the video of our cast clowning around in all that water. It’s cute, hot and funny and you can read more about the shoot here! So enjoy! Scott even cracks a smile! Aloha!

     Welcome to the 1st episode of our Summer Interview series! In today’s show, I interviewed Gaby, aka @H50Germany. She lives in Vienna, Austria and is one of the founders of a large fan community serving Germany and other international fans of many cult American TV series, just recently including the new Hawaii Five-0 tv series.

     Gaby, also known as @angelinchains67, is a amateur photographer and creates a lot of fan art, wallpapers and music videos. One of these pictures for the H50 finale caught the eye of Hawaii Five-0 producer, Peter Lenkov who commented on it to her on Twitter. This eventually led to a great exclusive interview with Peter which you can read here!

Our discussion covers a lot of ground and I think fans will find it fascinating! Topics Include:

  • How she started the fansites and her love of the show Supernatural.

  • How she creates her fanvideos.

  • Alex o’Loughlin’s role in the series “Three Rivers”, how good that series was and why it probably didn’t last.

  • Her interview with Peter Lenkov and how she formulated questions he would respond to.

  • What International fan members think of the ‘bromance’, ‘carguements’ and of Agent Jenna Kaye.

    AngelInChains fan community is made up of many sites and caters to more than just one fandom having primarily started as a fan site for the cool American TV Series, Supernatural.

    The primary web address to get to all of the information about our series as well as many other american tv cult series such as Vampire Diaries, True Blood, etc. can be found at her portal, angelinchains.com

Her sites originally were founded to promote Supernatural, but you can also find news, info and links in German and English for other series as well.  They are trying to build an audience to support our show over there so lend them your support by visiting the sites!

     One of  best of Gaby’s sites for our show is SerienNews where you will find the latest dedicated Hawaii Five-0 News and a link on the sidebar to their gallery of pictures.

Here is some background on the sites from Gaby:

“My BF is the webmaster of these sites and administrator. He is responsible for the technical part, make things working. I’m part of the team consisting of 3 mods and two news mod, I’m one of them. Therefore providing the site with the latest infos on TV-shows but also on other things – like what happens around the world. But ususally we get input from all our members. They’re also providing us with pictures. 

www.angelinchains.com was the “Mother” of the sites.  We host more than 10.000 pictures so far on this site. Including pictures of Conventions, HQ Screencaps of Supernatural Episodes and my FanArts. angelinchains.com was launched in 2008 and has more than 200.000 hits so far (5/2011).  Last year in July we decided to get online with a fanforum www.mycoven.com …we started with a multifandom community. We’ve about 300 members so far, still growing. … I represent the community on Twitter and Facebook. I’ve learned a lot as being part of the Supernatural fandom – very active in supporting the show, spreading the word etc. And that’s what we want to do for H50 as well.”

It was great having Gaby on and I look forward to having more great discussions with her and doing some reviews as well on future episodes of “Hawaii In the Vermont”

Mahalo for listening and Aloha from Vermont!

Show Notes for Episode #2

Episode# 2  of “Hawaii In Vermont” covers the two newest installments of the New Hawaii Five -0: Episode 14  “He Kane Hewa Ole”  (An Innocent Man)  and  Episode 15 “Kai  e’e”   (Tsunami)


  • The actor in “He Kane Hewa Ole” playing Nicole’s father was Greg Germann who is best known from the groundbreaking tv show, “Ally McBeal”

  • CHIPS originally aired on NBC from September 15, 1977 to June 17, 1983. CHiPs followed the lives of two motorcycle police officers of the California Highway Patrol. The series ran for 139 episodes over six seasons.

  • Erik Estrada, best known for playing Officer “Ponch” Ponchinello on CHIPS appeared as ‘Rono’ in Hawaii-Five-0 (TV-1973) entitled “Engaged to Be Buried”

  • “Kai e’ e'”  (Tsunami) was broadcast at a very special time- Sunday, Jan 23rd instead of Monday after the AFC football championship.  In the east it ran right after the Pittsburg Steelers played and won against the New York Jets.

  • There was a  similiar episode on the original Hawaii Five-O where a fake tsunami is also engineered as a distraction for a crime.

  • The actress/singer JOJO, or Joanna Noëlle Blagden Levesque, was actually born in Brattleboro, Vermont, the home state of this Podcast!

  • KAM FONG’s played the orig Chin Ho Kelly.  His son, Dennis Chun, who also appeared on the original Five-0, plays recurring role as Sgt Duke Lukela  and was in this ep. Referred to as “Little Chin”

  • Danny refers to “…sleeping with the fishes” which may be a shout out to the movie “Godfather. In the film the famous line “Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes” is said to Sonny, played by Scott Caan’s father, James Caan.

  • Danno says “Oy Vey” in Kai e’e, his second yiddish word in two episodes.. He starts to call Steve a “Schmuck” for buying parts online in “He Kane Hewa Ole.” Are the writers trying to tell us something? The actor’s father, James Caan is in fact, Jewish.

You can find locations for these episodes and the rest of the season at the blog of officer808  (twitter handle: @H50Undercover) entitled, Hawaii Five-0 Undercover or his Facebook page.

Theme music for the show is by the Band,  Alamantra  is entitled “Surf Babe” and provided by Mevio’s Music Alley. Check it out at Music Alley from Mevio.