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Show#22 ‘Hawaii in Vermont’ Podcast review – Further discussion of “Ha ‘i’ ole” S2E1 with @WendieJoy 9/22/11

Blogger, Writer, Reporter @WendieJoy Burbridge (picture courtesy of The Honolulu Star Advertiser)

@WendieJoy Burbridge is an Oahu native, a great friend of our “Hawaii In Vermont” Podcast (a dear friend of mine, too!) and of course is the author of the The Five-0 Redux Blog on the “Honolulu Star Advertiser.”

Fortunately, this busy lady had some rare free time this week on her long commute home from her day job as a teacher and you can be darn sure I took advantage!  Thanks to technology, we were able to Skype between her car and my computer in Vermont and have an even more in depth conversation than my “initial reaction podcast”  (Show #21) about the new episode of the 2nd season.

I really wanted to get Wendie’s perspective on “Ha ‘i’ ole” because of her two unique points of view.

One point of view we talk about was what it was like for her to have already seen this episode over 2 weeks before it’s Network Premiere at ‘Sunset At The Beach’ in Waikiki on a big screen. I asked Wendie to compare seeing it there to seeing it at home on a tv or computer screen.

The other aspect I was curious about of course, was how being an islander affected her perspective and/or enjoyment of the episode. This was was quite interesting and we learn more about the title “Ha ‘i’ ole” and it’s meaning from Wendie who also wrote about it in her pre-episode post on her The Five-0 Redux blog. We also learn some interesting trivia about the opening cemetery scene and the beautiful singing by the Honolulu boys choir.

We talk about fugitive Steve McGarrett’s Halawa Jail breakout and his appearance. (Apparently it’s not that unusual because breakouts from prison have happened before!) In addition, we also have fun discussing the new character, Max and how all the banter and bromance between Steve and Dannyhappily seems intact. There is the usual probing of the themes and characters of the show which we always include as a part of our discussion. We also give our opinions of the plot and the crazy twist at the end.

Finally, we talk about some of the extras on the just released  DVD of the first season of the show and some of the deleted scenes we have seen and which we wished had been a part of the original episodes they belonged to.

Wendie’s only regret is having met Mark Dacascos (Wo Fat) on the Red Carpet  a few weeks ago, and having to hate his character on the show, even though he was such a nice guy in real life. Oh, well, she will just have to accept having love/hate relationship with him!

Tune in for our next “Hawaii In Vermont” H50 podcast review sometime after next week’s all new 2nd episode of the new season,  “Ua Lawe Wale (Taken.) The official press release for the episode from CBS says:


Gov. Denning assigns Officer Lori Weston to Five-0 to make sure McGarrett and team follow the new rules set by him and also apply her excellent profiling skills to the task force.  Meanwhile, as Five-0 investigates the kidnapping of a teenage paddleboard champion, Internal Affairs Capt. Vince Fryer continues his interrogation of Kono, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Monday, Sept. 26

Thanks for listening! Talk to you soon, ALOHA!


Kahu Curt Pa‘alua Kekuna

Catch the Hawaii Five-0 crew live on Sunrise Monday morning – Hawaii News Now – KGMB and KHNL Home.

Be sure to tune in by streaming to the website of Hawaii News Nowfor Live coverage of the Blessing and start of production Monday morning starting at 4:30am Hawaii Time (6 hours behind EST)

Kahu Curt Pa’alua Kekuna of Kawaiaha’o Church will conduct a blessing on a Honolulu soundstage Monday morning before cast members, crew and executive producers.

At The Facebook page of Hawaii News Now you can leave questions you may have for the cast!

Aloha from Dana In Vermont!

Picture courtesy of 50Undercover.com & CBS

So we get this picture…tantalizing yes! We get to see the name tags for Peter Lenkov, Daniel Dae Kim and even new addition to the cast, Terry O’Quinn, who apparently will be named Lt CMDR Joe White. We also get the front page of what looks like the script that the cast gathered to run through today. The title is what is intriguing to us since we know how much the Writers of the show like to tease us with Hawaiian words and possibly give us a tiny hint about what the episode might be about! And of course, it’s the first one after our explosive finale last May!

So what’s it mean?

If you check out Officer808’s 50Undercover.com blog, he offers a few ideas, like “Rat” or “Mole” or “sinker and lure.” When I put it in an online Hawaiian dictionary without spaces I got this:

Which actually makes sense if we think about our tough, hard, impudent and stubborn Five-0 Team!!!! ‘Unbreakable’ is what I would call them for sure!!!

 However, when talking with our friend @WendieJoy, writer of the Five-0 Redux Blog, she tells us, that though she’s not a fluent ‘Hawaiian’ speaker, she can say this:

  “‘iole’ is Hawaiian rat, “Ha’i’ole” is stubborn or unbreakable. The okina is VERY important in Hawaiian language, so it depends on where the okina is in the word b/c it changes the meaning…
I saw the pic of the script and it only has one ‘okina- ‘okina is a glottal stop. It is an actual letter in our language b/c adding it changes the meaning of the word… like this one… adding another ‘okina changes the meaning completely.

    It is very important…it’s not an accent mark, it’s a stop… it changes pronunciation of words… but does not create a stress like an accent mark. it looks like a backwards apostrophe… but obviously on the keyboard you have to use a apostrophe unless you have a hawaiian keyboard.”

So, we don’t know, but @WendieJoy has promised to ask someone close to her who is fluent to get his take on it and I will post that here!

Perhaps this is what the writers really want! Maybe they do want us to think about the dual meanings. We know they use consultants for the language….sometimes we’ve wondered if the consultants knew what they were talking about. In any case…it just makes it more enticing for us in our long “hellatus” before the premiere of the episode on September 19th!

Thanks for reading and Stay Tuned! Aloha!


Love to hear it!!!

Got this Tweet from @PLenkov late Friday. After the big casting announcement about Richard T. Jones landing the role of the new Governor, I got to thinking that with everything Steve’s going through he was going to need his sister to maybe lend some support! Thought I would reach out to the wonderful actress who played her in the First season of H50, Taryn Manning, because she is active in the twitterverse and responsive to her fans!

Well, I got a response all right…from the fans’ other responsive twitter friend, Peter Lenkov! (See above)

So yeah, MaryAnn McGarrett will be returning!!! (Not that we know if it will be immediately, though) But Yay, anyway!

And Mahalo Peter! You rock!

Zap2it recently caught up with Scott Caan this week and asked him to comment on the new additions to the Five-0 cast. As we reported here, those included Terry O’ Quinn from “Lost” and Tom Sizemore from “Saving Private Ryan.” Turns out he had some very positive things to say. You can
read his opinions in the full article, here:

‘Hawaii Five-0’: Scott Caan on Tom Sizemore, Terry O’Quinn joining cast – From Inside the Box – Zap2it.


Tom Sizemore joins ‘Hawaii Five-0’ for season 2 arc — EXCLUSIVE | Inside TV | EW.com.

Tom Sizemore from “Saving Private Ryan” will have a role in the new season of “Hawaii Five-0” as the head of Internal Affairs for HPD. Apparently the Five-0 team
has some “‘splaining to do!!” about last year’s exploits!

Magic Table image from "Ke Kinohi" courtesty of Swannees Screencaps

Some fans, myself included, have watched a certain oft-used prop in ‘Hawaii Five-0‘s’ first season with particular fascination. That prop is what is fondly referred to by many reviewers as the ‘Magic’ table or surface work table that the Five-o Task team, and especially Chin Ho Kelly have utilized to help with their cases.

At the Honolulu Star Advertiser’s Interactive website you can find pictures and background information on the Surface Table from when reporter Mike Gordon (aka @CrankyDad) toured the studio last winter. 

Here is what we learn from the site and video so we can indulge our inner geekdom:

  • The table is a 52 inch flat screen TV on his back in the middle of a black table

  • Video Engineer, Dan Helias, creates and controls the displays that appear on the table. He programs the images for the surface table and all its overhead monitors on a series of smaller computers at  his workstation elsewhere.

  • Helias explains that the ‘touch table’ is based on the Microsoft Surface 2.0 which was too small for their needs because it had  to be big enough to line up the 4 main actors around it for the show to play on.

  • The fake TV is fed from a Mac Mini from 100 ft away.

  • They send an HDMI signal over ethernet cables using a converter which sends the image to the Surface Table.

  • The images on the tabletop in front of a user are able to be sent to screens at the right with a sweep of a hand. This all-in-one-movement in reality is Dan operating two different computers at once.

  • Three 42 inch monitors hang from a custom built rack near the Five-0 team’s surface table fed by a separate table.

  • The team’s office spaces are located to the left of the high tech computers and surface table area in HQ

You can read more about the Hawaii Five-0 set in Mike’s article from last February in the Honolulu Star Advertiser entitled Inside the Headquarters of Hawaii’s Coolest Crimefighters

UPDATE: On June 19th Mike wrote this about the set at the Old Post Office which he toured and was used last season:

  “Nothing is permanent in the world of television stage sets, even when they’re functional. Case in point: the headquarters set of “Hawaii Five-0,” which was built in an unused storage area of the downtown post office. It’s gone.

What was once a suite of functional offices created as a backdrop for the show’s characters — complete with dark wood trim, wanted posters and character-inspired desk decorations — is once again an empty space.

“There’s not a sign that they were ever there,” said Duke Gonzales, spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service in Hawaii.”

There are no discussions to rebuild the set, he said. CBS would only say that the HQ set, as it’s known, “is under transition.”

**We should not be alarmed however, because back in February, Hawaii News Now ran this story at their website and on tv, which showed us the production crew was already thinking ahead and moving the set into the old Honolulu Advertiser Building!

New set built for "Hawaii Five-0" in former Honolulu Advertiser Building

Terry O'Quinn of "Lost" Yes, he can play a Navy Seal! Courtesy of Time Inc.

No it’s not one of Steve McGarrett’s sappy songs, he loves so much….it’s a mini “Lost” Reunion!  Thanks to @Officer808 and his Hawaii 50Undercover.com blog for the heads up!!

Word came midday today, from CBS and Michael Ausiello of TVLine. com and who originally broke the story,  that Emmy-Award Winning “Lost” actor, Terry O’Quinn, who played the iconic ‘John Locke’ for 6 seasons on ABC will be joining the cast of “Hawaii Five-0” for an important recurring role as a former Navy SEAL commander who trained McGarrett and who also served with Steve’s dad in the Vietnam War. He will be holding the key to some of the mysteries (again!) to unlocking Steve’s Dad’s past.

As @Officer808 in his 50Undercover.com blog says in his article today about it, “Losties will rejoice upon hearing the news”  So we will!

Here are some other articles around the net that have additional information about this exciting news:

Finally, I wouldn’t be a real “Lostie” unless I ended by saying, “He had to go baaaaack, Kate!”  Sorry.