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One of our online Hawaii Five-0 Blogger friends, who we just featured in our 3rd Hawaii In Vermont Summer Interview series, The Five-0’s, just made it to prime time! Hawaii News Now featured the Facebook page of the Five-0s and their super fun special feature game of screencaps with captions to fill in. Here’s a video of that. It’s funny and cool! Congratulations to our Friend, Jools and the rest of the Five 0’s, @LisaLisa98 and @Terrysagirl!

Click here for the video:

Hawaii News Now featuring The Five-0’s ScreenCapture Caption Game!

and then if you didn’t hear the podcast click here!


As a recent post here at “Hawaii In Vermont” Podcast Blog reported, our friend of the show, Hawaiian Blogger @AlohaBruce of the Hawaii-Aloha.com Travel website, recently arranged some special events planned around CBS’s ‘Sunset On The Beach’ Red Carpet event in the fall.

That event, happening on Saturday, September 10th, 2011 on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii is free for fans and designed  to showcase the 1st new episode of the 2nd season of “Hawaii Five-0.” Attendees will see the stars of the show walk the red carpet and get a special preview of the episode, 9 days earlier than the rest of the US TV Audience.

Bruce has put together a schedule of additional special events arranged in a travel package for fans that wish to enhance their vacation to Hawaii with “Hawaii Five-0” related activities.

He has also been able to enlist the aid of some other friends of our show, (Ryan Ozawa 0f Popspotting.netOfficer808 of the50Undercover.com blog, @WendieJoy of the Five-0Redux Blog and @Lisalisa98 of Lisa Woo Designs) to help with guided tours and some of the events.

The schedule can be found at his new website, Hawaii Five-0 Sunset on the Beach 2011 and his Hawaii-Vacation Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/hawaii.vacation and the FB group page for Sunset On The Beach 2011.

You can also email Bruce at bruce@hawaii-aloha.com!